We wish to welcome You, presumably busy businessman, who counts almost as a disadvantaged person when it is about studying. Therefore, you probably do not really want to get stressed in the traditional atmosphere of a classroom-type, inflexible schools.

We offer You to provide an up-to-date knowledge of economics within the framework of a flexible, time-saving, tailor-made teaching system.

We may just as well consider this as a source of joy, a rejuvenating intellectual sport, which contributes to your professional career with true additional knowledge. The guarantee for this is represented by the digestible-volume study materials, a modern subject-matter as well as a teaching system, which focuses on the individual and also by our highly skilled professors.

According to recent analysis of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, Hungary is a straggler in adult education amongst other member states in the EU, even though this field is considered to be a priority in the knowledge-based society announced in EUs strategy. The requirements of the traditional school system do not always make it easy to acquire new type of knowledge at all age and in all situations. The acquirement of high level, up-to-date professional and economic knowledge may mean an advantage especially in the case of top managers.

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